Resolving conflicts another way

Manhattan Mediation & Collaborative Law (MMCL)

  • MMCL was founded by Elizabeth Crowe, Esq., an experienced Attorney, Mediator and ADR Professor.
  • MMCL is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan.
  • MMCL provides empathy and strong advocacy.
  • MMCL will give you choices.  Your attorney will be your zealous advocate working within the legal system but can also provide you with alternatives to litigation.
  • MMCL encourages creative problem-solving and cost-saving solutions.
  • MMCL provides clients with ways to overcome obstacles at any stage of a problem or disagreement.
  • MMCL offers you choices such as Mediation, Collaborative Law, Uncontested Divorce, Litigation, and Negotiation to resolve disputes. 
    • Mediation at MMCL is a confidential and voluntary process where a neutral attorney mediator works with clients to craft a solution to fit their individual conflict. Mediation can work to resolve both professional and personal conflicts.
    • Collaborative Law is a way to go through a divorce, but in a non-adversarial manner. Parties agree to work as a team guided by their attorneys to tailor their divorce settlement, their financial future, and co-parenting strategies.
    • If you choose litigation, MMCL will represent you in the dispute, working to achieve the best possible outcome for you.
    • Negotiation and settlement agreements are tools used on behalf of clients at any stage of a conflict to resolve a dispute and craft the best possible outcome.

We are here for you.

Elizabeth is an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University School of Law where she supervises the Manhattan Mediation Clinic. She has been a member of the faculty for seven years. Elizabeth received her undergraduate degree at Fordham University, where she studied history and economics. Elizabeth is also graduate of Fordham University Law School where she began her training in mediation.


As an attorney, Elizabeth gained experience in both the public and private sectors and utilized her early training as a mediator to make her a better attorney while practicing family law, employment law, and arbitrating on behalf of the City of New York.